“Early Release” Workshops

  • Degree of Support - Overview
  • Students - Not Present
  • When - School Week
  • Audience - Teachers, Trainers
  • Location - At School

Is your school using early release time effectively?  We work together with the administrative leadership team to create practical workshops to help: plan curriculum, assess student work, study component work, study sub groups of students such as our developing readers and writers or students at various stages of language acquisition.  These sessions can be tailored to be from one to two hour sessions.

Sample yearlong Early Release Courses:

  • The Write Brain - Understanding the neurology of the brain can help you to modify and accommodate all writers to feel successful in a writer’s workshop
  • Explicit Teaching - A Closer Look at the Qualities of Demonstration Teaching Throughout our Day
  • Independence! - Establishing Daily Routines & Structures to Create a Workshop with Independence, Stamina & Volume
  • Differentiation - Looking at student writing in specific ways creates explicit instruction

Sample short courses include:

  • Planning an Effective Non-Research Based Expository Unit of Study in Writing Workshop
  • Planning an Effective Non-Fiction Unit of Study in Reading Workshop
  • Planning Effective Non-Fiction Interactive Read Alouds
  • Planning an Effective Persuasive Unit of Study in Writing Workshop
  • Planning an Effective Poetry Unit of Study in Reading & Writing Workshop