First Year Participants at Balanced Literacy Institute:

 Participants attending these courses will experience a two part institute. In the morning, they will spend time in a large group session learning about the history, philosophy, structures and methods required to implement a daily balanced literacy approach to teaching in their classrooms.  In the afternoon, participants will spend time in a grade level specific section experiencing the work first-hand as readers and writers, and secondly as teachers, as they learn to transfer their first-hand experience directly into strategic curriculum design.  Please select a course for the anticipated level you will teach next year (or the level at which your students perform). 


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How to Register:

IN 2015-2016 I anticipate teaching grade:  (select ONLY 1)

Beginning Sessions Kinder – 8th

Course A          BEG Kinder

Course B          BEG 1st

Course C          BEG 2nd

Course D           BEG 3rd

Course E          BEG 4th

Course F          BEG 5th & Middle School

Print out the confirmation and bring it with you on Day 1 to complete your registration.

Considerations in taking first year courses:

First time attending a Growing Educators summer institute


Attended a Growing Educators summer institute, but did not have the chance to implement a consistent balanced literacy approach.


Teaching in a new grade level span


In a new leadership role in supporting educators


Would like a refresher course

Helpful Tips for choosing your grade level

Q:  What if I teach a multi-age combination class?

A: We suggest you select a grade level you’d like to learn more about or that represents the anticipated average level of student ability in your classroom. 

Q: What if I’ve attended a Growing Educators Summer institute in the past?

A:  Welcome back!  If you’d like a refresher course, or you anticipate teaching a NEW grade level next year, we suggest you study in a “New Participant” course.


Click here to REGISTER for First Year Balanced Literacy Participant


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