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Experience writing workshop as a writer first, and as a teacher!  You’ll spend the morning sessions understanding the theory behind workshop teaching and considerations for building units of study that meet the common core standards.  In the afternoon you’ll become the writer as we take you through actual writing workshops so that you have writing to take back to your classrooms and use in your daily demonstration lessons.


How to Register:

IN 2014-2015 I anticipate teaching grade:  (select ONLY 1)

Beginning Sessions Kinder – 8th

Course A          BEG Kinder

Course B          BEG 1st

Course C          BEG 2nd

Course D          BEG 3rd

Course E          BEG 4th

Course F          BEG 5th

Course G         BEG Middle School



Helpful Tips for choosing your grade level


Q:  What if I teach a multi-age combination class?

A: We suggest you select a grade level you’d like to learn more about or that represents the anticipated average level of student ability in your classroom. 

Q: What if I’ve attended a Growing Educators Summer institute in the past?

A:  Welcome back!  If you’d like a refresher course, or you anticipate teaching a NEW grade level next year, we suggest you study in a “New Participant” course.

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