We believe that:
•    Every child deserves a team of support
•    Working along side teachers produces effective, lasting results
•    Learning should be a fun, engaging, and lifelong process 

Balanced Literacy
To put our philosophy into practice we weave together all the necessary components of reading, writing, listening, and speaking.  We call this approach “Balanced Literacy;” and it allows us to design instruction to meet each student’s individual needs.

The result: Life-Long Learning.

Growing Educators believes that the power of Balanced Literacy is derived from the following core principles:

  • Student Empowerment - Students should have the opportunity daily to read material they can manage themselves and self-select topics that reveal meaning in their lives.
  • Social Learning - Students have many opportunities to learn from both the teacher and from their peers.
  • Measurement Focus - Measurement is integral to staff improvement and accountability.  Teachers are taught how to measure and report student progress.
  • Wide Applicability - Balanced literacy is customized to address different types of learners including ESL, students with special needs, and proficient students ready to push to higher levels of accomplishment.
  • Flexibility - A balanced literacy classroom is one that ensures that the conditions for successful learning are in place for every student in each particular learning stage.