Experience the power of workshop!

At the beginning of the year most students did not even want to pick up a book to read. By the middle of the year, some of those same students were reading every minute of the day, I couldn’t get them to put down the book!
— 3rd grade teacher, Bandini Elementary School, LAUSD

We believe that professional study can radically improve the quality of teaching and the performance of a school.  Our approach to workshops is 100% unique because it is 100% dedicated and customized to your school's needs.  We are:

  • On Site – We are available when you need us, on site

  • Local – We are based in Southern California and this means you get instant access and consistency across the year

  • In your classroom – We don’t just teach theory, we are in your actual classroom, helping your teachers work with their actual students

  • We are teachers - All staff developers are teachers

  • Complete Customization – Our approach is customized for your school’s specific needs. We work closely with teachers, teacher-leaders, coaches, and school administrators to customize literacy goals for the specific needs of each school.

A Just-Right Fit

To put our professional development in front of as many teachers as possible, we have designed modular services to fit any budget or time constraint.  Our services differ in two ways:  First, the amount of depth which is typically limited by your staff's available time:

  • Fully Immersive Services - Fully immersive services offer in depth, hands-on instruction over several days.

  • Overview and Seminar Services - Overview and seminar services provide quick but actionable snapshots and refreshers.

  • Custom Services - Or you can build the development service that fits the individual needs of your staff.

Second, whether or not the service operates in the presence of students. 

  • Student Present - Some of the best opportunities for growth occur with students present. Our hands-on approach is designed to coach teachers as they work directly with students, making progress immediately visible.

  • Student Not-Present - We know that time during the school day is invaluable, so we offer modules on the weekends and over vacation periods. These courses provide a solid theoretical overview and drive innovation right into the classroom the very next school day.

Services run the gamut and offer a uniquely powerful experience for you and your staff.  We help you build the perfect growth plan for your school.

Our Services

We offer services for teachers, coaches, and principals, so that every part of the school can support the rapid growth of the children.

School-Based Demonstration Lab Site and Study Group
An engaging, hands-on teacher training service that fosters personal growth and advancement in the classroom
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“Early Release” Workshops                                                                                                                      
Custom designed workshops in one or multi part series to support school wide literacy initiatives

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After School Leadership Think Tanks
Be part of a team that will design, create, and pioneer cutting edge strategies and curriculum in the classroom
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Principal Study Group
Enrich professional communities of study in your school through improved teacher support and accountability
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Literacy Coordinator/ Coach/Teacher Leader Study Group                                                                 
Deepen knowledge and outgrow best practices in your personal methods and learn coaching techniques to help build capacity with teachers at your site                                                                                           
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