School-Based Demonstration Lab Site and Study Group

  • Degree of Support - In Depth
  • Student - Present
  • When - School Week
  • Audience - Teachers, Principal, Trainer
  • Location - At School

The demonstration lab, our most comprehensive professional development service, yields the most in depth, systemic change in schools.

In a lab site our staff demonstrates the management, structures, & methods of workshop & balanced literacy teaching.  Each lab day we spent approximately 90 minutes with each grouping of teachers.  This might be by grade or by topic.  45 minutes are spent in a classroom demonstration followed by a 45 minute debrief and study.

Part 1: The Demonstration Lab 

Teachers will observe the staff developer as they model best practices.  They will then immediately practice what they just observed. 

Part 2:  The Study Group
In this study session, the teachers bring an artifact from the lab (a writing folder, notebook, reading log, etc.) Together, we analyze this data and use it to plan the next week of teaching. Through this process, teachers will learn how student assessment drives instructional moves inside a unit.  

Teachers will experience an entire unit of study in either reading or writing with guidance from a staff developer, all the while, learning the work involved in planning any unit of study.  This trains teachers how to transfer their work with the staff developer into their own planning time, which ultimately builds capacity around professional communities of study.